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Keep control over your expenses with Drive-Team.es

Traxain is the LegTech platform that helps you to keep control over your expenses, get legal security, and comply with the law.

If you are a Carrier

+ Keep control over your payroll with Drive-Team.es

+ Get paid fast and safely with Autopago


Our Products

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Drive-Team.es helps you keep control over your payroll in a safe an automatic manner, getting the data directly from the Tachograph

+ Check each Driver's Productivity Dashboard

+ Forecast and calculate feed and sleepover expenses

+ Forecast and calculate displacement complements

+ Detect and clarify unusual Driver behaviour

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Autopago is the Transport Contract platform that ensures that Shippers keep control over the subcontracting chain.

+ Set a minimum payment for the carrier

+ Establish automatic payment at a given date

+ Pay the carrier directly with Traxain's debt compensation

+ Certify the service with Traxain's eCMR

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