How can I use Traxain Dapp?

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Nobody can predict the future of technology but Decentralized Applications are among the most promising new technologies for the next decade, its benefits becoming clearer every day. Most cloud computing is handled by two or three companies, which also hold monopolistic positions in other important sectors. Internet behemoths switch off all their services without further explanations, and around the world hackers are more active than ever.

On the other hand, the common drawbacks that have limited the adoption of this technology are slowly becoming a thing of the past, it is easier to use than ever, Layer 2 solutions are making it cheaper, faster, and more scalable, and Eth 2.0 will make things even better soon.

However, a lot of people realize the potential of this technology but don’t understand how they can use it. In this article, we will explain to you how to test the Traxain Dapp and see if it fits your business needs.

You can visit Traxain Dapp in and there you’ll see our basic dashboard. Thanks to Traxain’s conventional API, even if you haven’t yet installed your wallet, you’ll be able to see some things such as searching a given service, checking its status, its clients and contractors public addresses, its deposited guarantee and so on.

This information is useful in itself, as in this way you’ll be able to see if the guarantee covers the price of a service, but you’ll not be able to create a service yourself, to subcontract it, nor to change its status or make claims since those are sensitive actions.

In order to access more advanced features, you’ll need to install a crypto Wallet. The most widely used one is Metamask, which is available as a Chrome or Firefox Extension as well as an App version.

Metamask, as well as other wallets, is your gateway to access the Blockchain world. As we mentioned in our introductory article on Blockchain, the only way to identify that you are the owner of the funds is through your private and public keys, Wallets are basically a way to store your public and private keys in a secure and convenient way.

When you install Metamask, they’re going to ask you to introduce a password, (remember to use secure passwords) and you’re going to be able to create an address and use it regularly. Metamask will also provide you with a Passphrase consisting on a series of random words. It is important that you write down and keep it in a safe place because if you forget your password that’s going to be the only way to recover your wallet.

Great, you already have a valid wallet, you’re closer than ever to accessing the future of the internet! But in order to test our network, you still need to do two things.

  • Click the little fox icon in the top right corner of your browser, and click on the rounded box on the menu. Then select the Rinkeby test network.

  • Click the string of numbers just below the "Account 1" to copy it, that’s your Public Key. That’s your Public Key, and you’ll need to send us your address so we can give you some crypto for you to test the system. You can contact us directly by mail, calling us, or through the contact form on our page.

We'll send you two things you need:

  1. A small amount of test Ether, which is necessary to pay the transaction fees.

  2. A small amount of Traxain Tokens, which is our in-house created accounting system, which works exactly like any other cryptocurrency, but it's only allowed to be used internally.

We have created TraxainTokens in order to guarantee the maximum security standards, but as it can’t be used outside the Traxain system, it has no value for scammers and is not useful to avoid taxes. You can imagine it like your Balance, which serves as a means of counting the money you can claim to Traxain, and as a means to transfer value across users of the platform.

Once you have some Ether for the Fees, and some Traxain Tokens, you can go to, and use the platform as you please. Now you can create a Trip, you can assign it to someone, you can change its status, make complaints, or review the status of your own trips.

Well, that’s all for this article, in further articles we will explain how to perform each one of these operations. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us through the page or by email.